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Vaastu Shastra

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Bad Vaastu

A bad vaastu arrangement has its own share of problems. You won't even know what goes wrong. You'll come home being happy and joyous and then suddenly feel sad and depressed after entering home. That is what a bad vaastu can do to you. Children not fairing well in exams; Husband not being able to get a promotion in work; divorces in marriages and loss of a perfect love life. These problems are common when you live in a house that has not been set up according to proper Vaastu.

What does she do?

Poonam is a Vaastu expert. She will guide you about the directions and the placement of your furniture; places where you should have open windows and which entrance is suitable for you; whether your drawing room should face the East or North direction. One must arrange his/her home or workplace according to her guidance to achieve greater results in life and work related fields. She will suggest you some easy home remedies to erase negativity of vaastu on daily basis. She will suggest Pyramid therapy or gem therapy for vaastu if so required.

Types of Vaastu Consultancy Done by Poonam


  Factory Gala







  Nursing Home