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There are things that are beyond our control. There's a world full of mysteries that stop us from achieving something but also help us through difficult times. To decode the meaning and symbols, we need someone who has a thorough understanding of planets and stars. An astrologer customarily guides his/her customers on what's in their store, on short and long term basis. She studies the positions of heavenly bodies during childbirth of a person and how one identifies with each planet and stars and then draws out a the most suitable plan for them. However, planets change with every second, so it is advised to consult an astrologer on a regular basis.

Detailed Life Reading

Life is full of mysteries and many unfolded plots. There are problems and hardships hidden in certain nooks and corners of one's life. However, with Poonam's help, one will definitely find means to avoid and get over those problems. Poonam does Detailed Life Reading of her clients and thus helps them to overcome problems.

Kundli Matching

Marriage is a major decision of one's life. It is when two people agree to spend the rest of their lives with other. However, the entry of one person in one's life has some effects on both the persons' lives; they maybe positive or negative. Hence, it is important to get a match-making test done before tying knots. Poonam offers this service with a detailed Relationship Analysis Report. She would tell you what problems might arise in your married life and how to deal with those problems.

Career and Finance

We are born, we go to study and then get a job. Therefore, the major part of our life is about our Career and Finance. There's a famous saying- What would've happened if Sachin Tendulkar and Sonu Nigam had changed places? Would they have risen to where they are now? In the same way, one must decide what Career he/she is made for. But choosing something is not that easy. Sometimes, we are unsure whether we will make it big in one's choice of work. Sometimes, we opt for a job but don't really do very well and suffer from low self esteem. Sometimes we work too hard, yet don't get a job. For all these problems, the one-stop solution is Poonam. She will guide her clients about the right choice of their careers and give them remedies if they don't achieve success in their jobs.


Money is very important in today's time. Comfort, luxury and happiness are dependent on one's financial situation to an extent. However, there are times when we are not able to earn a decent amount. We struggle and put in all our efforts, yet Goddess Lakshmi doesn't shower her blessings. There are times when we earn something and are not able to save any of it and keep losing money. That is when you will need Poonam. She will guide you through the money matters and help to earn money and save even more without affecting your desired standard of living.

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